Transformation JSONPATH doesn't work

Hi everybody. I started to study OpenHAB2, but don’t understand how to work with JSON transformation.
In Paper UI, “JSONPath Transformation” is installed.
I wrote python script, that return string:

{“fw”: “3.1.8”,“name”: “Flower care”,“temperature”: 24.8,“moisture”: 11.0,“light”: 79.0,“conductivity”: 43.0,“battery”: 99.0}

then I add Item:

String miFlora "Name [JSONPATH($.name)]" (All) {channel="exec:command:miFlora:output"}

When I try to see control, I look in Commad panel this text: JSONPATH($.name).
There is an impression that JSONPATH doesn’t work correctly.
Please tell me how to solve the problem? Or any recommendations on what to read are very welcome.

Following the docs you need to place a %s formatter to define that the return value from the jsonpath request is placed as string to the label.
I think your Item should look like this:

String miFlora "Name [JSONPATH($.name):%s]" (All) {channel="exec:command:miFlora:output"}

But i would prefere the moisture and here i also show how to set a formatter for a floating point value.
And that you need to escape the % with an %.

String miFlora "Name [JSONPATH($.moisture):%.1f %%]" (All) {channel="exec:command:miFlora:output"}

Thanks for your reply. I try to add “:%s”, but result was unexpected. In control panel appear all string such: { “fw”: “3.1.8”, “name”: “Flower care”, “temperature”: 24.0, “moisture”: 10.0, “light”: 61.0, “conductivity”: 37.0, “battery”: 99.0 }.
I check syntax JSON FORMAT, all this right.
Any idea why?

Please try to use code fences, this makes it a lot better to read. Just use the buttons above the type area ore type the three back-ticks, thank you.

your code goes here

@MrYahin I think you use the wrong quotes.

    "fw": "3.1.8",
    "name": "Flower care",
    "temperature": 24.8,
    "moisture": 11.0,
    "light": 79.0,
    "conductivity": 43.0,
    "battery": 99.0

Query $.name works then. Try it out

Maybe you could also give the bluetooth binding a try.