Translation of openHAB terms

Currently we have a strict guidline on translation openHAB terms like “Item” or “Sitemap” and even “openHAB” itself. Those must not be translated. In some languages English words are highly uncommon and many native speakers won’t understand what a “Sitemap” is.
IMO the translators of a language should decide if they want to translate those terms, find an openHAB-wide translation and review all current translations.


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I agree with @mueller-ma.
Many users expect clear text in the app, they don’t want a mix of English and their language. Not everyone will understand the meaning of “Item” etc.
The translator should decide.
We should have a suggestion that would recommend using certain words, not a restriction.

@ThomDietrich any thoughts?

Hey guys!
Back when we started to work on translations this seemed like a meaningful restriction. Now that existing translations and the translation team has matured I agree with your reasoning.

In some languages English words are highly uncommon and many native speakers won’t understand

I agree.

The translator should decide.

This is the problem in my eyes. Imho we need experienced users to choose discuss the right translations. Just imagine what you’d use for e.g “Item” in German.

We need a method to agree on the right equivalents to all important openHAB terms. How about we stay with what we know and start an extra crowdin project just for proper nouns of the openHAB ecosystem.

Best! Thomas

That sounds to me like the correct way. Users can discuss and vote there.

You can create a simple text file in a new repo with all openHAB terms and connect it with crowdin.

Yup, except: What do we need the repository for?

If you can upload a source file directly to Crowdin, we don’t need a repo.

Let’s collect the terms:

  • Thing
  • Channel
  • Binding
  • Item
  • Link
  • Units Of Measurement
  • Sitemap
  • Widget
  • Rule
  • Icon
  • All sitemap elements
  • Maybe Basic UI and Classic UI
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Trigger, Condition and Action will also be useful for the new rule engine.

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@ThomDietrich Any updates on this?

Hey M.
Sorry, I didn’t know this topic was stuck on my end. I think this is a good idea, if executed in the right way to avoid an unwanted mess of unclear terminology. The method as discussed looks good to me.

@Kai I do not have the right to create a new project under Would you be so kind?
@mueller-ma would you like to take the lead on this project? Imho that means phrasing a Description to outline the process and announcing the step to a few known translators (beta test).

Wdyt, sound good?
All the Best!

Yes, I can take the lead there.
I suggest to create a repo for this. This way we have can version the terms and their descriptions.

Can you give me details about what exactly I should create? “start an extra crowdin project” - afaik, the crowdin projects are always related to a github repo.

Can you create a GitHub repo, call it “openhab-translation” and give me full access for this repo? Then link it to a new Crowdin project and wait until I upload the first file to this repo.