Translator could not parse data for datapoint type 19.001, mdt SCN-IP / KNX


I started cleaning my system; try to figure out where my errors in my logfile come from.

First one and already I dont see my mistake :slight_smile:

The error in my openhab-log:

2019-05-18 19:44:06.105 [INFO ] [g.knx.internal.dpt.KNXCoreTypeMapper] - Translator couldn't parse data for datapoint type '19.001' (KNXFormatException).
2019-05-18 19:44:06.105 [WARN ] [.internal.handler.DeviceThingHandler] - Ignoring KNX bus data: couldn't transform to any Type (destination='0/5/3', datapoint='command DP 0/5/3 'knx:device:KNXROUTER:iprouter_1_0_5', DPT id 19.001, low priority', data='0x770512D32C050080') 

Next… the item in my knx.things:

Type datetime: datetime      		"Datum / Zeit"						[ ga="19.001:<0/5/3" ] 

The item comes from a MDT SCN-IP100.02 IP Router with E-Mail function. And it is a 8 byte Date/Time-Channel. And my ETS5 tells me it is 19.001 …
Inside my ETS5, if I try to read the item 0/5/3 the last data is p. ex. “77 05 12 D6 0E 05 00 80”

So… where is my mistake?!


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I don’t know much about OH2 since I am still on 1.8.3, but there DateTime is case-sensitive in CamelCase, not datetime.
Using DPT 19.001 did not work for me so far, therefore I am using separate fields for date & time with DPTs 10 and 11. If you found a solution, I would be also interested. Perhaps you can post the whole items definition?

In fact, the configuration is not an Item configuration at all :slight_smile:

This line is from Things file and therefor it’s a Channel. Please try not to mix these two parts.

The line is correct, at least it should work as suggested.

Type datetime : datetime "Datum / Zeit" [ ga="19.001:<0/5/3" ]

Maybe consider not to use a keyword as a name (here datetime as name of the channel) better:

Type datetime : dt "Datum / Zeit" [ ga="19.001:<0/5/3" ]

And a corresponding Item would be something like:

DateTime DatumUndZeit "Datum/Zeit [%s]" { channel="knx:device:bridge:generic:dt" }

(here the knx ip Bridge is called bridge and the Thing is called generic.

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