Trend Line Gradient UI editing bug?

I’ve been banging my head for a couple of days to get some gradient colour in my trend lines and it seems that editing this in the GUI, e.g. Configure Widget > Trend Line Gradient is part of the problem.

When I edit the yaml file and put this in:

    - "#f71511"
    - "#f7eb11"
    - "#1137f7"

all works fine and I get some colour in the trendline.

But when I open the same widget via Configure Widget > Trend Line Gradient and save it by pressing “done” , I noticed that it gets smashed down to:

trendGradient: "#f71511,#f7eb11,#1137f7"

and that does not work.

Did i find a bug here? I’m on openHAB 3.3.0 - Release Build

I would say you’ve found a bug. The trend line function (which comes from here) doesn’t accept just a comma separated list of values for the gradient, it has to be enclosed in [..] I believe. So, if the gui is going to reduce the yaml array to a single line then it has to properly format that array for the trendline.

Thanks for confirming. I think I get it now. Editing via “Configure Widget” adds double quotes where it shouldn’t.