Tried to set invalid state PLAY (StringType) of PlayerItem in Kodi at startup


after system restart I get the error below:

2023-01-11 09:53:02.123 [ERROR] [org.openhab.core.items.GenericItem ] - Tried to set invalid state PLAY (StringType) on item Kodi_Livingroom_MediaControl of type PlayerItem, ignoring it.

Items entry:
Player Kodi_Livingroom_MediaControl “Control/Player” {channel="Kodi:Kodi:Kodi_Livingroom:control>

Sitemap entry:
Default item=Kodi_Livingroom_MediaControl

openHAB 3.3
Kodi binding 3.3.0

Anyone that have seen this and can shine some light?

I might have just solved it myself. I had all the items associated to a top-level group set for persistence with restore on startup through InfluxDB. It seems like it couldn’t handle the restore phase where the Player item value was handled as a String in InfluxDB?! I saw the same symptom for Chromecast Player item too. I removed the Player item from the persistence with restore on startup and do not see the error anymore after a few restarts. I’ll mark this as solved, unless I see the error appear again in a few days.