Trigger an IFTTT action always when an item changes

Hi all,

I would like to you trigger an IFTTT action always when a specific openHAB item changes (no matter which value it gets). Unfortunately, the triggers available do not seem to allow that, they require to specify a value that the item should have before the action is triggered. Is there any technical reason for that or am I missing something?

I already tried to

  • specify no value within the IFTTT trigger
  • specify the value *
  • specify the value .*

but none of this worked.

I need the state of the item for the following IFTTT action, so creating a wrapper item that always changes to a specific value when the actual item changes would not be an option for me.

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@digitaldan: I guess I found now the line of code where this could be made possible and created the least-invasive PR I could think of:

Would be great if you could take a short look!


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Your PR seems just what I need. Thanks for the work. I commented on the PR on github to get it back to attention.
I also made a remark there about using an empty field as a ‘match-for-all’, maybe you can have a look?

As some background for other forum users, I arrived at this topic researching the following use case:
I have a Number Item, which can have a state from 0 to 6. I want to pass this value to Tasker through IFTTT whenever the item state changes on
Currently I have to create 7 applets for this…

For people with similar use cases, I now communicate directly with Tasker using this plugin and the http binding. No need for and IFTTT (as long the openhab instance and the device running tasker are on the same network)