Trigger group from switch

I have a Z-Wave Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2 switch in my room which directly controls the main light but also sends signals to openHAB via the Z-Wave binding.

When I turn the light on/off at the switch I have my lamp turn on/off via a rule that monitors when the main light changes state.

I would like to be able to separately turn the main light off via the UI without also triggering the lamp to turn off but because the UI also changes the main light state it can’t be controlled without triggering the lamp, how can I do this?

Can I get the switch to send an additional signal that can trigger a group that can be monitored instead of monitoring for my main light to turn on? I think that would solve the problem! I’ve looked in to associations but I don’t really understand!

The FGD-212 supports the Scene_Activation command class and has a scene_number channel. An item linked to this channel should be able to used for rules that are triggered when the device is manually controlled. I have switches and dimmers with this CC, and have been planning to set this up so that dimmers could be manually adjusted and rules wouldn’t override the setting . Your post incited me to get the devices configured, but I’m not receiving anything on scene_number. Still testing though. You might have better luck with your device!

Note there’s two switch inputs on FGD-212 but just one output. S1 is for the manually operated switch to directly control the lamp. If you have a scene switch, you usually connect it to S2 so it does not affect the light.
In earlier versions (I have some FGD-211, too) ,you could make the device send SCENE_ACTIVATION only on triple-click on S1, and you needed to explicitly enable that behavior.
Haven’t tried, but seems that FGD-212s now send it on any click type of S1, too.

You need to set param #28 to 1. Also check params 20 and 29 to affect its behavior.

You need an item like this
Number Szenenschalter_Saeule "Szenenschalter Säule Essen/Wohnen" <switch> (Szenen) { channel="zwave:device:ddddeeee:node51:scene_number"