Trigger Off Email for Energy "Demand Response"

Hi there,

Has anyone figured out a simple way to trigger an action from an email? My utility has a “Smart Alert” program where they provide discount electricity rates during most of the year if they are allowed peak price you on hot summer days, but they give you a 24 hr notification via email and/or text. I want to create a Rule than turns off non-critical loads and increase the thermostat in the event that one of these alerts are received.

Right now I’m thinking of doing a separate Python script to create the trigger, but I’m wondering if anyone has any previous work they could share.


My first thought is to use IFTTT. Of course in my setup I use lots of Wemo switches etc, which can work via LAN or cloud.

What about

The MailControl-Binding looks pretty neat. I suppose I could combine it with a properly formated Gmail CANNED response with the JSON and the OpenHAB subject line and a automatic filter. That might work!