Trigger on Homegear/Homematic events

Trying to switch from FHEM to OpenHAB2.

I think what I am trying to do is probably very simple, but I just cannot seem to find the documentation on how to trigger on Homematic events via Homegear.

I just want to have one light turn on, when another one is turned on via the integrated switching contact.

I made it to this point: when I trigger the change through the web UI the second light turns on. When I use the switch on the wall (which is wired directly into the light that should trigger the other) only the first light turns on.

I have been using FHEM for years and am used to some delay between triggering one Homematic item via the integrated contact and receiving the state update with the COC/CUL, but I cannot see anything in the OpenHab log files

What am I missing?

Until now i dont have found a way to log the internal keys of HM-devices.
I syncronised rollershutters by sending the state of RS1 direct to RS2. Hth


Thanks for the quick answer. It just works with FHEM. I can see the notify events in homegear…

If it is logged in homegear, it needs to be implemented to the binding. Im not familiar with binding developmend, but may @gerrieg could tell us about the possibilities.

Somehow it just started to work … I have no clue what changed.

What works? :smile:
Do you found a way to access the internal keys or just synchronisyng of two devices?

Hello @haggi,
I’d be happy to help out here but I do not get what you are looking for. Do you want to define a rule to switch multiple devices on the openHAB side or (I think that’s it) do you want to define a “direct pairing” between two devices?

I have:

  • a light fixture on the ceiling with a Homematic actuator.
  • a wall mounted switch, that is wired into the actuator’s switch port
  • a second lamp in the same room with another actuator attached

I want:

When the wall mounted switch is pressed, the homematic actuator directly turns on the light fixture, it then sends a status update to the LAN gateway, the LAN gateway sends the status update to homegear, homegear sends the status update to openhab2 and there I have a script that is supposed to turn on the other lamp.

My problem:

Somehow, a few days ago, the event did not make it to openhab. When I triggered the ceiling mounted actuator via openhab, the second light also turned on, but when I triggered it via the wall mounted switch the second light stayed off.

But yesterday it suddenly started to work. I don’t know why.

Btw: I do not want to pair them directly because the second light should turn off with a delay (which also works fine now).

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