Trigger Python Script every x min?

I´m very new to OpenHAB so sorry for that maybe stupid question, but can i configure openhab to run a exec script every 5min?

I have a python script which collect some variables for my and I would like to have this triggered by openHAB every 5min so that I always have the up to date values.

But so far I wasn´t able to find if that is possible. Or my current knowledge didn´t give me the correct search words i need to use for.

Could somebody share his knowledge?

You need to create a rule with a cron expression as a trigger and use the command executeCommandLine() to run your python script or use the exec plugin, which does not return the result of the command.

Here you can find an example (or at least the link to git):

Ah thanks for the hint. I need to check that out in more details, never worked with cron expressions.