Trigger rule ahead of due date

Hi all,

I have due dates for garbage collection in my home automation setup. I now want to trigger a rule one day before the actual due date.

Is there an easy way to make this happen without a workaround? As for a workaround I can thinkg of two scenarious:

  1. Use a cron job rule and run the rule every day and see if an item is due the day after
  2. Create notification items with different time stamps to use them as a trigger


I would go with your second option:

Having the original due date & 1 item for due date - 1 day, that will trigger a rule for notification.
That’s better then a cron job, that will unnecessary run to often

Your option 2 is the easy way. It’s not a work around. That’s the intended approach.

I could see an offset being added to the Time is <Item> to supply an offset. I could see that being useful. If this existed then you could have the one Item and then set the rule trigger to something like Time is TrashTime P-1D to trigger the day before the date in TrashTime.

Note, I like ISO8601 duration Strings because I like to follow standards and this standard is well supported.