Trigger system started not working


I’am having a simple rule in OH3

rule System_started
	System started
	logInfo("System started", "STARTED------------------")

but this is never executed.
Not for the initial creation, not when i am touching an items file and not when i touch the rules file.
In the log is just the message the rule file is loaded. Item and Group triggered rules are working file. Logging as well.
Whats going wrong?

I noticed the default logging level for jsr223 has changed. I had to set it using

log:set INFO jsr223

This rule is not jsr223, its still a dsl rule.

Same basic idea. Replace jsr223 with whatever is applicable. Or just send a command to turn on/off something to see if your rule runs

Can you tell me how to create a javascript file based startup trigger?

Is nobody using javascript filebased startup triggers? Or have anybody another idea?

I see the rule don’t working at my system too.
Only when running it manually using the Rules UI.
I think it is a bug…