"triple" Hestia Pi Mod

I am contemplating running the hestia-pi .img (uses OpenHab) on my own hardware:

link to more details.

Is there any reason it is not possile to modify the Hestia-Pi .img to:

  • accomodate the relay board
  • add additional temperature sensors
  • modify thermostat logic to perform feedback control for 3 ACs?

Sensors and actuators (relays) will be controllable / readable from Python. If Hestia-Pi is a sensible starting point for my project, then it is very attractive because it is designed as a HVAC controller (thermostat)

This is not directly related to openHAB. Have you asked the Hespia people?

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I agree but I think @rlkoshak said he is experimenting with this.

It is my understanding from @rikoshak that " HestiaPi which is basically an openHAB based thermostat." Where to implement DIY thermostat Logic: Python or OpenHabian?

The software is openHAB but you are asking about more than than just the software. Almost no one on this forum will be able to answer your questions. You need to ask on the HestiaPi forum.

What I can say, given my experience with it thus far, is that it would probably be less work over all to start from scratch. But it might be useful to get it and play with it to see an example.

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