Trouble with Fibaro metered smart plug


I’m completely new to OpenHAB and trying to configure my first Z-wave device. I’m running OH2 on a Raspberry Pi with Raspian Jessie Lite. For Z-wave I have an Aeon Labs Z-stick Gen5 and I’m trying to connect a Fibaro metered smart plug, FGWPE/F-102.

From what I can see the device should be in the z-wave device database but after inclusion it is not recognized by OH.

The plug has been added as a thing but it is labeled as an “unknown device” with the message “This device has not been fully discovered by the binding…”

If anyone could point me in the right direction I’d be grateful.


Repeat the steps mentioned in the manual. It it is not working reset the plug:

To add the device to the Z-Wave network:

Plug the device into a socket nearby the main Z-Wave controller.
The LED ring will glow red signalling not being added (reset or remove the device otherwise).
Set the main controller in (security/non-security) add mode (see the controller’s manual).
Quickly, triple click the B-button located on the casing.
Wait for the adding process to end.
Successful adding will be confirmed by the Z-Wave controller’s message.

Another point is to ensure that you are using the snapshot version as this device has only recently been added to the database.

Thanks! I’ll try updating to the latest snapshot.

Sidenote: Is there any way to install the latest version of a binding without updating the entire openHAB system? In general I prefer running on stable software versions:-)

Yes, but it is a bit tricky: uninstall the zwave binding, download the snapshot, put it in your addons folder, start the binding through karaf.
If you get an error a dependency package is missing, install it (in this case, sometimes the serial transport is missing):

Sweet! I got it working now.

Does this mean that none of my bindings will ever be updated until I update my openHAB? I thought it worked more like a package manager.

Yes. If you are using a stable build, you are also using stable bindings.

Hm, ok :confused:

Thanks a lot for all the help anyway!

Yes, but it is what you wanted: :slight_smile: