Trouble with REGEX Transformation

Hi Community,

i am having some trouble integrating my PiAware into Openhab.

I have two websites from which I want to display figures to my openhab sitemap.

Website 1: Local raspberry pi website with information about planes / messages etc.
Website 2: My public Flightaware userwebsite with statics.

I will be concentrating about the public site for everyone to :

As an example, I want to display my current rank on my sitemap.

The HTML code is as follows:

<span class="memberDetailsLabel">Highest User Ranking Achieved in Last 30 Days: </span>
<span class="memberDetailsValue">16,418</span></li>

Two of my items are:

String      Planes          "Planes [%s]"  (Test)    {http="<[*id=)(.)(dump1090_total_ac)(.)(>).*(<)(.)(span>))]"} 
String      Rank            "Rank [%s]"    (Test)    {http="<[*class=)(.)(memberDetailsValue)(.)(>).*(<)(.)(span>))]"} 

Some how i do not get any of the items to show any value properly.

Does anyone know what i am doing wrong?



In openHAB REGEX works a little differently from normal. The expression must match the entire String/document and the first matching group is what gets returned. So your second Item’s expression would need to be something like


Hi Rich

Thanks for the quick reply.

I am not getting the complete website. If i am not mistaken REGEX should look up only the line in question. Or am I wrong here?

Like I said. REGEX works differently in OH. You have to match the entire string passed to the transform and only the first matching group gets returned.

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