Trouble with UPB Binding in OpenHab2 on Synology Diskstation

Does anyone in the community have experience configuring OpenHab2 on Synology to use the UPB Binding?

I am having trouble getting the UPB Binding to start with the configured port. My upb.cfg looks as below however I continue to see “Port does not exist” exceptions in openhab.log.


I’m a very new OpenHab2 user, so it is likely I have something basic wrong. Does the port need to be a tty device for instance? I don’t see a new tty device appear when I plug the USB UPB PIM into the diskstation but I do see device /dev/usbdev1.4 which is why I selected it.

Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

hello. hoping for little help pointing me in the write direction. Similar to you, I just started playing with DSM and Openhab2. First step before I go all in is to get UPB switches working. No luck so far. thanks

Hi jjhdtv,
I have made a little progress on the setup but not much. I currently have OpenHab2 running on the diskstation with the PaperUI. I’m still not able to use the UPB Binding.

The UPB Binding instruction page indicates that only ttyUSB0 can be used in Linux so I did some searching for a solution to create the ttyUSB0 dev. There was a stand alone driver package distributed at one point but the owner has rolled the package in the the domoticz release which can be found here: Using this package I have a visible /dev/ttyUSB0 device each time I plug in the UPB USB PIM which I take to be a good sign. The UPB binding still reports a “Port not found” error when starting up however.

A few users have reported that the “openhab2” user needs to be added to the “http” group which you can do using the Synology “User” widget in the Synology Control panel. This has not solve my issue though.

Please let me know if you’ve had any more luck.

I’m having this same issue and I haven’t been able to sort this out.

There is a new proposed UPB binding for openHAB 2, maybe it will work better.