Trouble with UV and gust

Hello :slight_smile:
Im using the weather binding with and the most items works fine. But I dont get any stats of wind gust or UVindex.
Im using this:

Number   UV_Index         "UV Index"              {weather="locationId=wgraz, type=atmosphere, property=uvIndex, scale=0"}


UV: {{itemValue('UV_Index' | number:1)}}

But Im just getting N/A. So does anyone have an idea how I can fix this?

Thank you and greetings.

Not all weather providers give you all the values supported by the weather binding. Looking at the API it does look like both of those fields are supported. But perhaps those are fields the weather binding never implemented or are new. I don’t know if there is much work going on with the weather binding anymore.

The forecast io wind gust data is supported but not supplied all the time. I get the data when it’s really windy but on normal days the data is not supplied.
I don’t know about UV

I’ve been scratching my head on the missing wind gust data too. IMO this is a huge omission since most of the time the wind gust is what’s damaging the house and topple the trees (it can easily be twice the wind speed). I have a rule to notify me when the wind is high so that I can move my kids to the room in the front, just in case the back trees topple. But the lack of wind gust info force me to lower the wind speed threshold, causing more alert spam.

I guess I will have to capture the gust speed from some other sources then.