Troubles with expert installation

When choosing the expert-package (fresh-install), openhab doesn’t seem to work correctly…-> store doesn’t work properly, openhab crashes etc. Everthing works on standard-install.

  1. Install hypriot os on pi 4
  2. run openhab docker-container with docker compose like described in the official forum behind a reverse proxy (here traefik 2.3)
  3. choose expert install on the OpenHab install wizard
  4. get broken openhab

the issues vary from not beeing able to install new bindings, broken paperui and so on…everything happens ONLY in expert…

Raspberry pi 4 inside docker container with openhab/openhab 2.5.7
Raspberrypi 4 B+
hypriot os 1.12.3
docker: 19.0.3
openhab-docker 2.5.7

Does someone have the same problems with docker? I never tested it again…so maybe it is resolved meanwhile…