Troubleshoot with Mitsubishi smart meter

Hi, im working on reading data from a ME96SSRA smart energy meter from mitsubishi but im having some issues. Any help would be greatly apreciated.

The modbus interface specifications of this meter can be found here:

My setup is with a Raspberry Pi 3 running a NodeJS script through Modbus RTU.

For example, i want to read the active energy (address 1280 (dec) for Lo and 1281 (dec) for Hi). The data is big endian, so the Hi should be the MSB and the Lo the LSB, so im applying the following:

active energy = (data[hi]65536 + data[lo]) * multiplyingFactor

The total rate power is in the following range: 100kW or more and less than 1000kW, so the multiplying factor should be 1. Nevertheless im getting crazy numbers.

Any suggestions why?