True beginner - couple of questions

Hi all,

True beginner here.

I currently don’t have openHAB installed on my RPI3 yet but looking to use openhabian for that as it seems the simplest installation process.

I’ve been reading and searching for a few days about some functionality I desire but I’ve either not found the answer or openHAB simply can’t do it (yet).

First one is pushing playlists and media to Chromecast. I believe the current binding only allows for control once the Chromecast is in use. Is this still true? Is there anything in the “pipeline” to change this?

Secondly IP cameras, this does seem a hot topic and I believe current bindings allow for still images (jpeg) rather than live camera feeds? Is this is accurate or is there now a way to push the live feed from the cheap WiFi cameras that are flooding the market currently?

Third is a simple rule based query, within the rule maker can it be set for a device to turn on for a set time or would this need to be written in code? Whilst compared to your average man I’d like to think I’m fairly techy but have zero experience with coding so I’m hopeful for a solution that won’t require me to NEED to code

Thanks all

openHAB is an Home Automation platform
Pushing playlists to media players is NOT automation
Monitoring Cameras is NOT automation
Using rules to make something happen IS automation

OpenHAB is not a glorified multipurpose remote control

Don’t know

If your camera has a live feed IP then you can use a webview in one on the UIs to see the camera
But beware on an RPi you’ll struggle to stream several cameras at once

The rule engine is still experimental but you can build this kind of simple rules without coding already

Thanks for the response.

But for clarity coming home after 6pm Monday to Friday and pushing my playlist to Chromecast is surely an automation?

Similarly should a z wave motion sensor detect movement between the hours 9-5 in my home I’d like a notification and to able to view a live feed of this camera, again I don’t see this as too far fetched of a platform such as this?

Please note I have researched alot of what I want to do and I’m confident the system can do it 99%. I have researched these specific topics and I understand it is a current limitation, I’m merely checking my research is correct.

Yes that is, you just didn’t specifiy the use case. You can push a url to the chromecast I don’t know about playlists. Don’t even know what it is.

Again. not a problem. But you will probably need some coding for that

Perfect thank you.