Trust Smart Home Z1 Bridge

Hi There

I just bought some Bulbs and Sensors from “Trust”.
Now im a bit confused. I still need a ZigBee USB Stick to add all my Things?
There is nothing like the HUE Binding, so i can controll to the Trust Hub with all the existing Zigbee Bindings?

I still can bring back the Zigbee Hub and change it to a Philips one. (Need to Switch the Motion sensors aswell then).

So the question in short is. I cant access the Zigbee Hub trough IP and the Hub pulls me the Zigbee Bindings? I think, thats how the HUE Addon works right?

So i need to buy a Zigbee stick, and this one will communicate with the Hub or directly with the Sensors and Bulbs?

Kind Regards

The Hue binding needs the Hue hub, where the Hue hub does the translation between IP-based communication and Zigbee. I don’t think it will support Trust products. As far as I know, there is no Openhab binding for a Trust hub. Since its protocol for network communication is probably different from the Philips Hue hub, you can’t use the Hue binding for a Trust hub. Both use Zigbee to talk to the lights, but they use proprietary communication when talking to other devices in the LAN.

A Zigbee stick would allow you to use Trust lamps and probably motion sensors as well directly without any hub. Openhab will use the zigbee stick to communicate with the lamps directly. Note that the zigbee binding is still under development, and hardware support is growing, but not universal yet.