Trying out PS5 binding with OH3

I’m doing some preliminary research before diving into the Playstation binding. There’s a lot of posts about it working with PS3 and PS4 but has anyone tried with PS5 / OH3? I haven’t used this binding yet so I’m looking for differences between the binding page and PS5, if any.

Am I to assume that no one has installed a PS5 with the Playstation binding? I plan to tackle this in the coming weeks so I’ll report back here if I find anything.

The binding doesn’t work with the PS5. I haven’t looked into it, but think Sony have made changed to how WOL functions. But I’m sure someone way clever than me will be able to answer that one.

I’ve used the Network binding and run a rule when the PlayStation appears to be online or offline. Works for my needs, although I did like the way you could view what application is running on the PS4.

Thanks for the the reply. Bummer it doesn’t work out of the box like that. My use case is to do things when the PS5 is in sleep mode so it’ll still be online. I’ll experiment with the network binding and see what I can find.


There is a working PS5 homebridge solution.
If someone wants to check it out, here’s the github:

Inspiration is from: