Trying to add one z-wave motion sensor and devices multiple show up

I’m running OH2 on a RPi with a Aeotech Z-Stick. I have a Neo Coolcam Motion Sensor that I’m trying to add and when I do the discovery process, 6 different nodes show up in my Inbox. Any thoughts or advice on how to get this sensor added? Thanks!

Was your controller previously paired with other devices?

Yes, it was used to pair to try and pair others. Does it need to be reset before each inclusion attempt?

No - it shouldn’t be reset between each inclusion - that would erase all devices from the system each time. The controller does however remember devices that are included, so if you want to remove them, either you need to hard reset the stick once, and then start to add devices, or you can delete the devices from the controller.

To delete devices, add them as things, then there are options to add the device to the failed nodes list (it’s probably already there!) and then you can delete the node.

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Sorry if i misunderstand the situation.

If I have got it right though, the issue might be just one of jargon.

Openhab is the software that issues instructions and takes reports. The z-stick is the controller that pairs with the other zwave devices. Once the zstick is paired to a device, it continues to remember the relationship whether or not openhab is running and whether or not openhab “knows” the device.

Pairing of new devices uses the “inclusion” mode. What you are doing by that list shows all the devices the zstick has a relationship with that are not known to Openhab.

If you want to add the sensor and it is listed in that list, click on the icon and add it. If it is not included, you have to follow the inclusion procedure which varies by device - given the sensor is probably a battery device, it can be fiddly and require “waking” before all the necessary initialisation bits are done.

If you have listed paired nodes that you do not own, they can be removed from the controller using HABMIN.

This is all awkward to begin with, but stick with it. It starts to make sense and zwave devices can be very good.

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