Trying to add openHab item to HomeKit

Hello. I have OH 3.3 running well. I have an iPhone updated to iOS 16.2, and a new “home” to which I have added the openHab bridge. There is no bridge shown on the main page or for the room to which it was added. I can go into the config menu for the home and see the OH bridge there.

Before adding the OH bridge I went to a switch item and added the HomeKit metadata for a lighting device. After adding the bridge, I do not see the switch in the Home app, and see no way of adding it.

Can any kind should shed some light on this? Thanks!

HI @peterloron
this is not much experience with ios 16.2. there are success and some issue reports here.
but your approach is correct.

  • add metadata to lighting
  • add bridge to home app using QR code scan
  • lighting should appear in home app

try to add homekit metadata to further openhab items. if it works correctly, they should appear automatically in home app