Trying to automate a LUMENE Screen video projector with dry contacts (not fully working)

Hi everyone, allow me to ask your help on this subject. I am using a LUMENE Screen and I followed this video after the (very gentle) Didier Granier from Lumene sent me this link:

After that, I connected the RJ6 cable and it worked flawlessly when I do it like he shows on the video - directly touching the cables one by one.

But if I use any device where the ground is common for all other 3 cables (like the one in the image bellow, flashed with Tasmota), it does not work the UP (although it does work DOWN and STOP). Even if there is no direct connection between them (I even tried to invert and put the ground in NO instead of COM).


I tried with a ESP32 DEVKIT with Tasmota as well - same thing. Goes DOWN, STOP but do not work the UP function.

Also tried with a Sonoff SV (using the IO pinouts as dry contacts), same result!

I am out of ideas and I simply cannot understand why the UP only work when I touch it directly OR if the only connection is the UP (for intance, in that representation on the image attached, it works if I only use one relay for the UP and do not connect the other COMs for the Ground).

Can someone help me out here? Have someone experienced something similar?