Trying to get exec binding to control gpio with wiringpi

Im trying to use the exec binding to control the gpios on my raspberrypi with Openhabian. Is there a good tutorial for beginners? I just started using ssh and using commands. I have figured out how to set the pins with gpio -g mode command to make the pins input and outputs. I also can set them to high and low with gpio -g write command. I need to know the actually set them up. Do I use the Paper ui or Habmin? I havent been able to get the commands to work at all.

Is this even how you set it up? I’m very new to this so if someone could put it laymam’s terms that would be awesome. I looked at the github site ( and the openhab site ( but I’m still lost. I basically just want to set some commands to turn certain pins to control relays for home automation.


did you considered information probided by installation manuals?

Point 1

"Make sure to use the 32-bit version of the JVM for ARM platforms, even on 64-bit operating systems. Serial connections won’t work with a 64-bit JVM, preventing bindings like Z-Wave from functioning."

Point 2
Setting permission for peripherals…

Not sure, but it might helps.

I’ve read and tried to make sense of the tutorials.I thought I had the command right but can’t get the on or off command to work.

Can anyone give me a good example, of using Exec binding to control gpio with wiringpi?