Trying to get my items to show up where I want. How I want them to

So part of my OpenHAB fun so far has been to set a rule that enforces what I feel proper temperature settings should be in the house. Now that he seasons are shifting I see the need to maybe adjust those to new baseline numbers and I want to do this via the GUI and not manually setting a number by editing the default.rules file every time.

My thinking is I create three new items:

Number   TargetTemp     "Enforced Temp [%.1f °F]"  (NestDetails)
Number   TargetTempLow  "Enforced Temp Low [%.1f °F]"  (NestDetails)
Number   TargetTempHigh "Enforced Temp HIgh [%.1f °F]" (NestDetails)

All they do is hold the number of the actual temperature that the rules use to enforce. I would like to be able to increase them and decrease them as needed much like the Setpoint item.

My problem is that if I define them as a setpoint in the sitemap, they show up on the main page. I don’t want them there for obvious reasons. I want it buried 3 levels deep in Group Nest -> Group NestDetails. I set them up how I think they should look, but I can’t toggle the numbers. It just displays them. Furthermore, explicitly using the following in the sitemap yields the controls I want, but they are at the top level.

  Setpoint item=TargetTemp label="Enforced Temp [%.1f °F]" 	(NestDetails)		minValue=60 maxValue=80 step=1 visibility=[Nest_hvac_mode=="cool"]
  Setpoint item=TargetTempHigh label="Enforced Temp High [%.1f °F]" (NestDetails)	minValue=70 maxValue=80 step=1 visibility=[Nest_hvac_mode=="heat-cool"]
  Setpoint item=TargetTempLow label="Enforced Temp Low [%.1f °F]" 	(NestDetails)	minValue=60 maxValue=70 step=1 visibility=[Nest_hvac_mode=="heat-cool"]

In short,

I want the Enforced temp items to show up ONLY with group NestDetails and with the ability to change the number. What am I doing wrong?

Here are the full item, sitemap and screenshots for reference


Group	Nest
Group	Living_Room
Group	Master_Bedroom
Group	Kids_Bedroom
Group   Astro

Group	NestDetails	"Nest Details" <temperature> (Nest)

/*Nest */
Number	    NestAmbTemp	"Current Temp [%.1f °F]"	(Nest,NestDetails)		    { nest="<[thermostats(Hallway).ambient_temperature_f]" }
Number	    NestHumidity	"Humidity [%d %%]"	(Nest,NestDetails)		        { nest="<[thermostats(Hallway).humidity]" }
String	    Nest_hvac_state	"HVAC is currently... [%s]"	(Nest,NestDetails)		{ nest="<[thermostats(Hallway).hvac_state]" }
String      Nest_hvac_mode "HVAC Mode [%s]" (NestDetails)                  { nest="=[thermostats(Hallway).hvac_mode]"}
DateTime	Nest_last_connection	"Last Connection [%1$tm/%1$td/%1$tY %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS]"	<calendar>	(NestDetails)		{ nest="<[thermostats(Hallway).last_connection]" }

Number   TargetTemp     "Enforced Temp [%.1f °F]"  (NestDetails)
Number   TargetTempLow  "Enforced Temp Low [%.1f °F]"  (NestDetails)
Number   TargetTempHigh "Enforced Temp HIgh [%.1f °F]" (NestDetails)

Switch   Nest_has_leaf "Has Leaf [%s]" (NestDetails)                                      { nest="<[thermostats(Hallway).has_leaf]" }
Number   Nest_target_temperature_f "Target Temperature [%.1f °F]" (Nest,NestDetails)           { nest="=[thermostats(Hallway).target_temperature_f]" }
Number   Nest_target_temperature_high_f "Target Temperature High [%.1f °F]" (Nest,NestDetails) { nest="=[thermostats(Hallway).target_temperature_high_f]" }
Number   Nest_target_temperature_low_f "Target Temperature Low [%.1f °F]" (Nest,NestDetails)   { nest="=[thermostats(Hallway).target_temperature_low_f]" } 
Switch   Nest_fan_timer_active "Fan Timer Active [%s]" (NestDetails)                      { nest="=[thermostats(Hallway).fan_timer_active]" }
DateTime Nest_fan_timer_timeout "Fan Timer Timeout [%1$tm/%1$td/%1$tY %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS]" <calendar> (NestDetails) { nest="<[thermostats(Hallway).fan_timer_timeout]" }

/*Lights */
Dimmer	Light_LR_Dimmer	"Living Room Dimmer [%d %%]"	(Living_Room)	        { zwave="5:command=SWITCH_MULTILEVEL" }
Dimmer	Light_MB_Dimmer	"Master Room Dimmer [%d %%]"	(Master_Bedroom)		{ zwave="4:command=SWITCH_MULTILEVEL" }
Dimmer	Light_KR_Dimmer	"Kids Room Dimmer [%d %%]"	(Kids_Bedroom)	           	{ zwave="7:command=SWITCH_MULTILEVEL" }

/*Astro */

DateTime Sunrise_Time  "Sunrise [%1$tH:%1$tM]"  (Astro) {astro="planet=sun, type=rise, property=start"}
Switch   Sunrise_Event  (Astro) {astro="planet=sun, type=rise, property=start"}
DateTime Sunset_Time   "Sunset [%1$tH:%1$tM]"  (Astro) {astro="planet=sun, type=set, property=end"}
Switch   Sunset_Event   (Astro) {astro="planet=sun, type=set, property=end"}


sitemap default label=“My Home”
Frame label="Casa "{
Text item=NestAmbTemp labelcolor=[Nest_hvac_state==“cooling”=“BLUE”, Nest_hvac_state==“heating”=“RED” ]
Slider item=Light_LR_Dimmer label=“Living Room Light”
Slider item=Light_MB_Dimmer label=“Master Bedroom Light”
Slider item=Light_KR_Dimmer label=“Kids Bedroom Light”
Frame label=“HVAC”{
Setpoint item=Nest_target_temp_f label=“Temperature Setting [%.1f °F]” minValue=60 maxValue=80 step=1 visibility=[Nest_hvac_mode==“cool”]
Setpoint item=Nest_target_temperature_high_f label=“Max Temperature Setting [%.1f °F]” minValue=70 maxValue=80 step=1 visibility=[Nest_hvac_mode==“heat-cool”]
Setpoint item=Nest_target_temperature_low_f label=“Min Temperature Setting [%.1f °F]” minValue=60 maxValue=70 step=1 visibility=[Nest_hvac_mode==“heat-cool”]
Text item=Nest_hvac_state label=“HVAC is currently…[%s]”
Group item=Nest label=“Nest” icon=“temperature”
Setpoint item=TargetTemp label=“Enforced Temp [%.1f °F]” (NestDetails) minValue=60 maxValue=80 step=1 visibility=[Nest_hvac_mode==“cool”]
Setpoint item=TargetTempHigh label=“Enforced Temp High [%.1f °F]” (NestDetails) minValue=70 maxValue=80 step=1 visibility=[Nest_hvac_mode==“heat-cool”]
Setpoint item=TargetTempLow label=“Enforced Temp Low [%.1f °F]” (NestDetails) minValue=60 maxValue=70 step=1 visibility=[Nest_hvac_mode==“heat-cool”]
Frame label=“Astro”{
Text item=Sunrise_Time
Text item=Sunset_Time

Your sitemap is very clean looking, I am going to steal some of your code for mine! As far as hiding the items you want buried, have you tried playing around with the visibility tag in the sitemap?

Good luck and thanks for posting your sitemap and items!

Instead of Group item=Nest

Do this

Text label=“Nest” icon=“temp_temperature” {
put items here…
Setpoint item=targetTemp


Pretty much creating pages of items manually in the site map regardless of what group they are a part of in the item file.

Edit: The text label can be whatever you want and doesn’t need to relate to any item. Actually not certain what happens when it is the same as an item.

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