Trying to get some background information with respect to Zwave discovery PIR device

I am trying to get some background information with respect to discovery of a PIR device. I hope somebody can give me some pointers.

I have 2 PIR devices Fibaro FGMS-001 and a NEO Coolcam PIR sensor. They look similar, but they are not. I am aware that battery powered devices need some wake-up cycles to complete the discovery process. The Fibaro went well after a couple of cycles and a few hours, but the NEO remains “unknown device”

I Changed the Zwave binding to debug, see a lot of sensor reports from the NEO. It is now on for more than 24 hours and had woken up for are least 30 times, but still “unknown device”. The most obvious reason is that it is not in the database, so started to look for a manufacturer ID and device ID in the Zwave logs, but could not find anything, hence my questions:

  1. Is it expected that a Zwave battery powered device sends its ID autonomously, or is it requested ?
  2. If it is requested, what to look for in the log and is there a way to trigger the request.
  3. If the device should sent it autonomously, is it expected in the log (debug level) or do I have to resort to another way (e.g. Sencys/Scilabs tools) ?
  4. Does somebody knows if the NEO coolcam PIR sensor is expected to work, or is it a lost case and better to dispose them ?

If fully discovered there should be an xmil file for the node in the zwave directory of userdata. It will have the informaiton.

The XML file is not created, but should the XML file being created only when found in the database, or after determine of mfg ID, device ID and firmware version ?

I don’t have personal experience, but I recall numerous people (I think including @Bruce_Osborne) saying that the NEO Coolcam devices should be avoided.

They are cheap Chinese devices. I started out with some but have started replacing them with better qualuty items. I had one sensor that, for no apparent reason, ate 3 batteries within a year.

When I asked about warranty, I would have to ship the item to China at my cost. It is much cheaper for them to ship to us than for us to ship to them.

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No, you need to wake the device until the xml is created.
Try different methods to wake it, sometimes you have to click a button once, sometimes three rapid clicks within 1.5 seconds. Check your manual.

The XML file contains the device’s response to a request for the information in its firmware. In fact the xml file can be used to help create a database entry. It will be created when the device is fully discovered by the binding. The Z-Wave standard mandates that the device return this information in response to a NIF Request.

I found some Neo Coolcam PIR sensors needed to be factory reset before they would be included properly. Just excluding from a previous network was not sufficient.