Trying to install MySQl, got a weird error


Im trying to install a mysql server on my raspberry, but i got a really weird error. Does anyone know what it means?

What is the superscript service? Is that something you’ve installed or is it part of openHABianPi?

LSB tags are new formats for services but just a warning so not likely the real issue here.

You could probably ‘force-all’ the dpkg install of the mysql package but just not sure what you’ve got going on with the service dependency problem it’s complaining about. I don’t think mysql install would cause that so it’s likely a problem from something previously installed that you are only seeing now because your using dpkg.

Do you need mysql 5.5 specifically? Sometimes you need to lock a version but most usage can go with the top level ‘mysql-server’ then the system will track the active version. Just noticed my raspbian light install is using MariaDB under the hood! It’s a compatible fork so likely works but I’ve not got around to testing it on that Pi yet.