Trying to publish a new rule template, won't install and nothing in the logs

I’m attempting to publish a new Rule template. It’s pretty simple for a first attempt.

When I add the published tag it does indeed show up in the add-ons. However, when I try to install it I get the circle spin and then nothing. The button never changes from “ADD” and it doesn’t appear in the templates .json DB file. I also see nothing in the logs to indicate that anything happened.

Given the lack of feedback I’m kind of stumped on how to debug. I’m pretty certain that I’ve done something wrong.

I’d appreciate any ideas of what to increase the logging on or techniques for debugging.

My next step is probably going to be to try and use the JSON instead of YAML.


I think that’s because your file’s extension is .yml and not .yaml as expected. Installation exceptions might be reported in the SSE events but not in the logs and not surfaced in the UI, that could be improved.

Doh! I knew it was going to be something like that. Thanks!

I’ll also look at the SSE feed to see if there is any info there.


EDIT: that was it. It works now. Thanks!

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