Trying to understand Z-wave topology

I have one Z-wave device that is often not reacting when I turn it on or off. It’s out in my car port so I first thought the distance could be the problem. Another device in my car port (just centimeters from the problematic one) works fine though, so that doesn’t seem to be the problem. I have checked the topology in habmin a couple of days and every day it looks completely different. Today’s picture is the weirdest, so I need someone explaining to me what’s happening:

Device 14 (the only device that according to this is talking to the controller) is a battery powered thermostat. The problematic device is number 2. All other devices (including for example 9) works like a charm. How is that even possible? If I understand this correctly it’s routed via no less than three battery powered devices!

I’m on 2.2 stable and the latest version of @chris’s development binding, ie the one that does a healing every night (guess that’s when the topology changes).

Is there any other device which is permanently listening and connected to power? In my opinion routing through thermostat is not the best option.

Last weekend I was doing reorganisation around my garage and forced power plug connected permanently to “heal” and “reinitialise” as a result it resent list of its neighbours. During this process wake up your device number two if it is battery. For me it helped to setup a little better routing from gate sensor.

Of course routing through the thermostat is not the best option. It’s not an option at all. That’s kinda my point… All the devices with blue circles are mains powered and most of them are in direct range from the controller.

Any success with re-initialization of device?

Well, the reinitialization itself goes as it should (I can see in the log the node changing from ONLINE to ONLINE: Node initialising: EMPTYNODE, through a heck load of other statuses and after about a minute back to ONLINE again). But trying to switch it still doesn’t work. This is what I get in the log when trying a switch:

Am I understanding this correctly that the device is simply not always answering? But shouldn’t the controller try again until it actually performs the switch and acknowledges it?

Still struggling to understand what’s happening here. Last few days the topology has looked like this:

…which COULD be interpreted as neither 2 nor 5 having any contact whatsoever with the controller. Node 5 however works like a charm, turns my engine heater on every morning.

@chris, would you have any input here? Am I completely misunderstanding how this works?

Which version of the binding are you using? This only works in the development binding.

Yep, that’s the one I’m using. Haven’t updated for a month or so, but I’m on the development version.

I would guess that maybe some devices either aren’t updating they neighbors then. Hard to comment more - you could see what the logs show…

Note that this is just a display of neighbors reported by devices - it doesn’t necessarily impact routing. At least with Zwave plus devices routing is managed through a mechanism called explorer frames.