Trying to use mysql

I saw the two guides


And I wanted to combine the two
i’m able to check the speed with speedtest-cli, but I also want to add below previous tests
I realized that in order to save information I needed to use a database
And thought to use mysql
I read the second directory of mysql openhab-mysql
And I could not figure out how to do it in the SpeedTest software
Can anyone explain to me?
Or to use another database

Thank you

Please explain in more detail what you hope to accomplish and exactly where in the second link you provided you ran into trouble.

that second link is pretty thorough.

I want to create a speed test, which will check every hour
And the received data will be saved in mysql

the Speed test that runs every hour is working
The question is how to save the data in mysql

Thank you

Follow the tutorial on the second link you provided to set up persistence on the speed test items.

I tried
I did everything look like the guide
And it’s not working
The DB still empty

I can’t really help with so little information. I don’t use MySQL so can’t guess and you are giving me no details except “it doesn’t work”.


.persist file?

Errors that occurred during following that tutorial?

Item definitions?

How did you confirm that you performed each of the steps in the tutorial correctly?

There are a million things that could be wrong.