TTLock Smart Door Locks - G2 Gateway

I’ve done quite a few searches on door locks during a renovation and being a long time user of OH, I have kept an eye on the market.
I’m at the point where the new door is ordered and looking for suitable locks, many of which come up ttlock or tuya.
Then I found an interesting thread for hassio on ttlock devices and wondered if anyone knew of something similar which would suit with OH, or perhaps tried adapting his python wrapper?

Just thought it worth putting the question out there, as ttlock seems a pretty popular solution recently.
EDIT: apologies if I’ve tagged the thread incorrectly - Mods, please feel free to modify if required.

Can’t really comment on ttlock other than question if you really want your home security handled by some Chinese cloud server ??
Just got a Nuki lock for myself. You can but don’t have to use the cloud there, and it worked out of the box with OH.

I guess that’s a no then.

I have similar distrust of cloud services, no matter where they are.
Want I would like is the ability to detach from the cloud post setup which is why I asked about the gateway as part of the question.
Nuki features are a little underwhelming for the price, while Samsung top range looked expensive, yet appealing, however they now use a separate app from Smartthings (Samsung Smart Door Lock) which many seem to hate with a passion. Knowing Samsung their API is probably terrible as well.

I’ve decided to stick with a standard type lock system and try a Nuki, which I can at least pull off and sell if it turns out to be not worth it.
Thanks for the reply, BTW.

Well … mechanics, compatibility, long-term availability … in the end you get what you pay for, and safety + reliability is the most important point of a lock, isn’t it.
Got my Nuki on Prime Day for 200€ incl. the bridge just 50 bucks more than the ZWave Danalock I had before. But only trouble with that.
What do you expect from a (e)lock that you are missing with the Nuki ?

I would have liked some tamper proofing and bio-metric capability.
Keypad would have been nice to have built in so I’ve ordered the optional keypad as well.
In other words, for my ideal, Nuki should produce an all in one solution like Samsung/Yale/etc or the cheaper TTlock/Tuya solutions, to compliment the ‘tacked on to another lock’ solution.

Admittedly, they do seem to have pretty good support and seem to be well made (which is what swayed me), so I’ll give it a run and see if the WAF is high enough.

If the Nuki doesn’t work out, check out the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt (Z-Wave). I bought mine years ago for the keypad, and when I started using openHAB it was relatively simple to add it. Secure inclusion is always a bit of a pain with Z-Wave, but aside from that it’s been smooth sailing.

I haven’t investigated but they have been building an ecosystem. See also the ‘Nuki Club’.

See the ekey uno (fingerprint scanner), it’s 3rd party but compatible.
I use the app and scanner of my smartphone instead (you can issue electronic keys to visitors etc).

What exactly do you understand by ‘tamper proofing’ ?

One easily overlooked but major issue with most e-locks is to get them built in, resulting in much additional cost plus potential for yet more trouble.
E.g. as part of my former Danalock installation I had to replace the cylinder and get new keys.
Let alone mechanical compatibility in various countries. Schlage AFAIK is North America only.

Unauthorized removal, destruction, movement not associated with the door action, etc.
Just some sort of alert in case someone tries to remove it so they can get in/out a dead bolted door.

Let’s go with “unscheduled removal alert”.

It’s all inside mounted so where’s the point in that ? You afraid of your family to break out ?

Yes, as amusing as locking a teenage daughter in is, that’s not my aim.
Window next to door, break, reach in type tampering is my concern. Not an uncommon scenario.
The new door/frame goes on in two days, so I’ll reply back as to my impressions when installed.

The bad guy would just push the button in this case so make sure you disable that function.
Get a glass breakage sensor and use OH to disable the Nuki when triggered.

I fear it’s too late bute I read about Nuki cooperating with door producers. That’ll move the lock out of range, into the door itself.