TTS and STT on Android via MQTT

Just for those that want to control OH by voice and a get a spoken feedback.

I’m using a very interesting small app called Hiper that transform your voice into a text and publish it in a MQTT topic that can be read by OH taking any action that you want. This is very similar to Habdroid app but the app can also receive a string from OH, via MQTT, that will be transformed to live voice in your mobile device. This is very useful if you want a voice feedback for a action take by OH so, you can say in your mobile device:
“Turn kitchen light on” a get a response confirming the accion “Kitchen light was change to on”.

This could be a nice feature to be implemented into Habdroid…

You can get Hiper on Android Play Store

Enjoy it…

Looks interesting but there is not MQTT authentication. Therefore I can not test it.
I have submitted a feature request on the app github.

There’s a FR for client side audio playback in the Android repo: