TTS: support for Polly Neural TTS?

Hi all,

are there any plans or is maybe already somebody working on extending the Polly TTS Add-on to support the neural engine?

Neural engine: Neural TTS - Amazon Polly
Neural voices: Neural Voices - Amazon Polly

Currently the addon calls client.describeVoices(new DescribeVoicesRequest()).getVoices();. This already returns all voices including a parameter per voice listing supported engines:


      'Gender': 'Female',
      'Id': 'Vicki',
      'LanguageCode': 'de-DE',
      'LanguageName': 'German',
      'Name': 'Vicki',
      'SupportedEngines': [

Happy to support if nobody else is already working on it.

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Any traction on this topic? I have been searching for a means to implement neural voice engine myself. I haven’t found anything yet.

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