ttyUSB0 won't open on my Synology (DSMR binding)

I’m relative new with OH2 but it runs fine en most things work but I can’t get the ttyUSB0 port to work.

I downloaded the nrjavaserial from;gav~com.neuronrobotics~nrjavaserial~~~ and the OH2 DSMR 2.1 Binding from the post

Both are in the addons folder and the log tels me they start. But it then got an error:

[ERROR] [openhab.binding.dsmr.device.DSMRPort] - Port /dev/ttyUSB0 does not exists

Setting the permissions for /dev/ttyUSB0 to 777 did not work.

I now think that the nrjavaserial is not working properly. But how can i test this? I got the log set to DEBUG for both the DSMR and nrjavserial bundle but I’m not getting any info what could be wrong.

Installing the standard DSMR 1 binding gave the same error.

Can anyone tell how he got the DSMR binding to work on a Synology NAS?