Turn a cheap WiFi plug into an OpenHAB ESP8266 switchable plug

Hey folks I just posted a tutorial on hacking a cheap wifi plug with ESP Easy

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Nice! I did the same thing with my two pack of Eco Plugs. Really kicking myself for not getting more when they were on sale. Have you come across any others besides the Eco Plugs and the WorkChoice that use the ESP8266?

I also have the physical button on the plug working with a few ESPEasy rules. I can share if you’d like.

Are there any similar hardware from Banggood, Dealextreme, GeatBest, etc. you could recommend?

I know this is the OpenHab community but is there a standalone solution which does not have all the security holes? I mean if I want to turn my plugs on/off from a phone, maybe set a timer without OpenHab?


ESP Easy has other options for control other than OpenHAB. Check out the tutorials on this page
http://www.esp8266.nu and you may try some of these options http://www.esp8266.nu/index.php/Tutorial_Rules. I see that there is an http get option for control and I use Tasker (android) for these functions.

What were the rules you ended up using within ESPEasy for the push button? Thanks!

Answer found here: Home Depot Eco Plugs Binding Request

Glad you found it. And thanks for linking to it. I have had another PM with the same question recently.