Turn on-off Accespoint with Exec Binding - SSH


i need autoconnect from Openhab to Zyxel AccessPoint, to turn on-off the wifi.
I’m able to turn on-off the wifi manually with a ssh connection from my Macbook.

But i’m not able from Openhab because i need to write it in a single command line with the Exec Binding Thing:

ssh2 -p PASSWORD USER@ZYXEL_IP /configure terminal/wlan slot1/no activate

Someone more experienced than me can help me to find the correct line?

In the Log i found no warnings or errors.
The exec whitelist is filled with the same line.
I use OH 3.2 stable with a Qnap Docker

Have youlooked at other posts with SSH difficulties, like -

There are user permissions to think about, and first time run from console so that you can acknowledge a prompt.

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Hi rossko57,
thanks for your hint, but I think the permissions are not the problem here.

I found out that most OpenHAB Docker versions don’t have a shell on board and therefore the shell commands from the exec binding are not executed.

If I run the terminal command /bin/bash in the Qnap NAS, in the container station, in the Openhab container, a browser window with terminal input opens.
When I try ssh there I get command not found as an answer.


So if it really is the case that there is no shell in Docker, how can I install one?
I only found a few fragments of information on the net that I, as a greenhorn, can’t do anything with.