Tutorial - complex Home Automation | Raspberry & Arduino | OpenHAB

Dear community,

we would like to share our tutorial regarding open source home automation system based on OpenHAB, Raspberry Pi and Arduino. In the tutorial, we will guide you through the process of setting up a reliable and versatile home automation system using a star topology wiring configuration.
This system is ideal for new houses or reconstructions and offers several advantages, especially when it comes to wired sensors and relays:

Range and Scalability
Reduced Interference

Tutorial contains:

Part 1- Model house and project

Part 2 - OpenHAB on Raspberry Pi

Part 3 - Configuration - Things, Items

Part 4 - Configuration - Rules

Part 5 - Control power circuits (lights, sockets, heating)

Part 6 - Buttons (switches)

Part 7 - Sensors (temperature, humidity, motion)

Demo UI:

Hardware installation of the Raspberry, Arduino, Relays, Sensors & Buttons

OpenHAB: https://www.openhab.org/
Energy widget: Profile - Sebastian_Neu - openHAB Community
Boiler widget: Profile - mag2000 - openHAB Community

Demo image with preinstalled fork of OpenHAB 4 here.

Feel free to use, modify or feedback here!


In one word: Beautiful.

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