Tutorial - rtl_433 brings 433MHz sensors to openHAB

Well, that’s what the tutorial is about… :wink:
See the link in the initial post…

Ahh… I jumped directly to the rtl software, which is why I found it rather complicated…
I will give this one a try for sure. I already run mqtt with sonoff/tasmota devices. So I suspect this should be pretty easy to include, specielally since it´s just a dumb doorbell button.

I cant seem to find rtl-sdr.com dongle in europe. Do you know if this one will be suitable:

And I wonder, which antenna to use for 433mhz?

I bought this

But yours seems to be better as having more antennas to chose.
Mine is working poor, sensors needs to be in direct range.

Ohh :frowning: direct line isn´t suitable for me, since this is a doorbell button project, which mean, there will be at least a door and/or a wall inbetween…

I have no idea if antennas is important or which one to use.

I just played around with this stick, put it on a Rpi, and a sensor from my weather station behind a ~50cm wall was not reachable.
Even the base station from the weather station got this signal without any problem.
I do not want to confuse you, I had no deeper look on this as this is a future project only.

I am using the same stick but it receives even lot of sensor reading from my neighbors. So from my impression it is working really good.

What stick are you using?

I’m using this:

and this:

with these antennas:

… soldered on MCX connectors:

But the included antennas work quite well for me too. But they are way bulkier …

Hmm. 50 cm wall may be a hurdle - but if the original receiver worked, then the rtl_sdr should pick up the signal as well … try limiting the rtl_433 to listen just to the protocol of your weather sensors and disable all others.

Even with the simple helix antennas linked above, I do have very good signal from my outdoor sensors.

… exactly my experience too with the rtl_sdr here :wink:

Edit: Add some pictures of the used antenna:

I think I did this already, but will check at weekend, if I find some time hopefully.

Found this post about antenna´s Might be usefull if having problems.

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This one also:

Any good tutorial how to install rtl_433 ? I find it very unclear :frowning:

Have you seen this?

I think I have read almost everything about this rtl stuff, which may have been a mistake, cause I find it highly confusing… When reading about the installation, they mention a Make. Thats where I´m lost… I´m no good at Linux at all which probably is the cause of my confusions… :frowning:
Btw I´m running openhabian on a Rpi with openhab 2.5m2.

I see - no worries :wink:
There are two options:

Option 1: Install it from your Linux distribution’s repository

You can try to install from your Linux repository, e.g. for Debian:

apt-get install rtl-433

If this installs a reasonable recent version of rtl_433 - fine. If not, you need to let your Linux compile a fresh rtl_433.

This is not as complicated as it may sound at first :wink:

Option 2: Compile it yourself

Just follow the instructions from the BUILDING.md (exactly!) for you style of Linux - e.g. assuming Debian-like since you mentioned openHABian:

# first install some required libraries and software packages:
sudo apt-get install libtool libusb-1.0-0-dev librtlsdr-dev rtl-sdr build-essential autoconf cmake pkg-config

# if not yet installed, install git too (btw.: not mentioned in the BUILDING.md)
sudo apt-get install git

# go to your home directory:
cd ~

# make a copy (clone) of the current source code:
git clone https://github.com/merbanan/rtl_433.git

cd rtl_433/
mkdir build
cd build

# run cmake from inside the build directory (don't omit the ".."!)
cmake ..

# make it (compiles and linkes the rtl_433 binary)

# finally install the just compiled rtl_433:
make install

# test it (let it print out it command line parameters):
rtl_433 -h

Good luck.

Thank you very much!!.. I guess I simply missed the first option… Thats as far as I know Linux :slight_smile:

I´ll give it a try one during the upcoming days. I have had this Nooelect dongle laying here on my desk for a few weeks now… It´s time to give it a go. Hopefully this will find my doorbell button, cause the SonofRF bridge doesnt.

I have yet to try my RTL (simply havn´t had enough time). Though the guide seems pretty straight forward , I probably gona need some help anyway, specially around the MQTT stuff. I do have a broker running, but I´m no where near understanding why :slight_smile:
I´ll get rtl_433 running first though and see if I can make it to receive something from my dumb Friedland doorbell.

is this available as a docker installation?

You might consider checking your favorite search provider, e.g.:


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Finnaly got some time to have a look at this. But I simply cant figure how to tell rtl_433 which USB device to use… It seems like an option not really explained.
I get this error, but have no idea what to do with it.:

[19:41:11] openhabian@openHABianPi:~/rtl_433/build$ rtl_433
rtl_433 version 19.08-204-g9fe4f11 branch master at 202002081459 inputs file rtl_tcp RTL-SDR
Use -h for usage help and see https://triq.org/ for documentation.
Trying conf file at "rtl_433.conf"...
Trying conf file at "/home/openhabian/.config/rtl_433/rtl_433.conf"...
Trying conf file at "/usr/local/etc/rtl_433/rtl_433.conf"...
Trying conf file at "/etc/rtl_433/rtl_433.conf"...
Registered 121 out of 148 device decoding protocols [ 1-4 8 11-12 15-17 19-21 23 25-26 29-36 38-60 63 67-71 73-100 102-105 108-116 119 121 124-128 130-148 ]
usb_open error -3
Please fix the device permissions, e.g. by installing the udev rules file rtl-sdr.rules
[11:48:58] openhabian@openHABianPi:~/rtl_433/build$

It looks like it´s looking for a conf (config I assume). But I cant find any info on how this looks like.
The last sentense say I should install the udev rules file rtl-sdr.rules. But again I fail to see how this is suppose to be done… I do have some udev rules for my other USB devices. But this is only the half truth in it, cause I still need to execute rtl_433 with some info about this device…

In short - In the general doc (readme) there is simply missing some info for people not already knowing. :frowning: