Tutorial: Saving habpanel configurations, possible backup uses

Hope this lives up to Rick’s standards… :slight_smile:

It took a bit of reading and experimentation to figure out how to do this, so summing it up here to help.

Decently describes how to save panel configurations, but what it doesn’t say is that until you save it to one of these panel configurations, there is no habpanel.config file to backup. Selecting the “Save the current configuration…” at the bottom of that page will create a file under “{habpanel_home}\userdata\config\org\openhab\ui” called “habpanel.config” that you can then backup.

This is also necessary to share your configuration with other devices, but backup was the main goal for me.

Hope this helps someone!

I can not see any central storage and when i open habpanel i receive “Connection Lost” bottom left on the screen.


Can you post a picture of the Current storage configuration pane when you open the settings? It is on the left hand side.


Now it is working it was the Map Transformation that broke my habpanel.
When I uninstalled Map Transformation everything works.