Tutorials in french - How to propose tutorials in other languages?

Just a little question on writting tutirials.
Is it the good way to propose tuturials in my own language in post on the community linked on my external website ?
As it’s french tutorials I wonder how to proceed and inform the community that some tutorials exists for people not speaking english…
If I post a link, where and in which topic doing it ?
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This is an English-only forum. I know there is also a German language forum.
This appears more of a forum question rather than an OpenHAB one.

In an older version of our website, we once had a section with links to forums in other languages as well - but this was lost on the way, probably because there weren’t many entries.

We could think of some place to provide such infos, though. Maybe in a “note” section on https://www.openhab.org/docs/? @Confectrician, what is your opinion here?

We could of introduce an overview for places to look up things in different languages again.

I think a table/list/whatever of links and descriptions to sources of knowledge won’t hurt anyone. :slight_smile:

We just should add some kind of disclaimer, since we are not able to check and review those contents.

I would suggest to place this at the end of the introduction part.

  • General Introduction in English
  • Overview of information sources

There we may encourage people to read on in the official docs, but also provide useful places to get familiar with the concepts in explanations in their native language first.

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I think it’s very important to have like a topic in the forum community.
Because it’s impossible to manage and check the links, contend etc… pushing this links into the web side in documentation is not a good idea.
So maybe it could be placed into “Tutorial and exemples” and adding a tag “French” / etc…
This is just a suggestion… :innocent:

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Maybe we missunderstood here.
I (and i think Kai also) did not talk about one link per tutorial.
We talked about one link to an external community in a different language.

I am not a friend of including native language areas in this forum.
I think its good to have all knowledge here available in english, so every user is able to benefit from it.

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Or to be more precise: about a section on a page with links to external resources (like a tutorial) in other languages. I’d not talk about “external communities” as I do not want to encourage a fragmentation of our community. There is only one official openHAB community discussion forum and this is here. We won’t endorse any other (The KNX User Forum being a slight exception to this because it pre-existed already and most users there are anyhow also participating in the community forum here).

Thinking about such a “link section”, it might be difficult to maintain it, though. Stuff is outdated, not validated, etc. - so maintaining it on the website might indeed be a hassle. Maybe we can have an wiki-marked page here in the forum for everyone to edit instead?

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Why do you feel a need to maintain external links? I would say this is close to impossible to maintain. A link may get broken two seconds after it´s posted.
Outdated stuff is just how it has to be with stuff beeing developed. People would either have to know, or suffer from its consequences. I dont see how this could be an better… But I understand you´re fear…

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No polemic :slight_smile:
I just wanted to offer some tutorials that could interest other people in other languages with link in the community board.

But I absolutly not wanted to fragment the community and the official place and I understand all the difficulties.
So maybe I’m in the wrong way and it’s not a good idea.
No pb :wink: