TUYA 4 button scene controller ONLY ONE button works

  • Platform information:
    • OS: Windows
    • openHAB version: 3.4.0

I am trying to migrate a few TUYA 4 button scene controllers, the ones that have 4 buttons in a 2x2 configuration, from Smartthings to Openhab.

I upgraded to 3.4.0 and checked that the zigbee binding is also at 3.4.0

I can make the controller join the network via an ember ZB stick, it takes a while for the status to go from UNKNOWN to ONLINE but it finally gets there.
Once I link the 4 channels to items, only button 3 triggers a string SHORT-PRESSED or LONG-PRESSED, the other buttons don’t do anything, in the UI or in the console

Here is the configuration
UID: zigbee:tuya_ts0044:1d626943b7:84fd27fffe8d401a
label: ZB MB Controller
thingTypeUID: zigbee:tuya_ts0044
zigbee_macaddress: 84FD27FFFE8D401A
bridgeUID: zigbee:coordinator_ember:1d626943b7

I also have a TUYA 4 button remote type, with 4 buttons in line like a small remote and in this case only button 1 generates a string when pressed.

Here is the configuration

UID: zigbee:tuya_ts0044:1d626943b7:a4c138b73a2b5db0
label: ZB Remote 4 button Bed 1
thingTypeUID: zigbee:tuya_ts0044
zigbee_macaddress: A4C138B73A2B5DB0
bridgeUID: zigbee:coordinator_ember:1d626943b7

Has anyone run into these issues?, and if yes, how is it solved?

Thank you

Never mind, I restarted OpenHab and now all buttons respond.