Tuya devices how to?

I have plenty of SmarLife devices Zigbee… and was hope to build local control center to it because cloud thing works not really realiably and sometimes lost some devices and so on… I’ve managed to launch openHub lattest version with docker on my mini ARM board (aml-s905x-cc) and it works but how to add Tuya devices…I was hope that after plug-in Zigbee dongle all thing will be the same as with ‘cloud’ but seems it’s not. Not really clear what steps should be taken. Yes dongle works, and I have mqtt which register events from device.( I can see json in docker logs) but how to use it ?

Welcome to the forum - see Use case: Integrating IKEA Starkvind air purifier into openHAB for a worked example - the example should put you on the right track.

Welcome to the forum.

Installing openHAB is not enough, you need to enable the binding for Zigbee.
With the binding installed and having a supported ZigBee controller attached and recognized openHAB can discover the devices. Some of them may not be supported.
Please have a look into the common concepts of how openHAB works, then have a look into the Zigbee binding documentation.

As an alternative you may use zigbee2mqtt which, from my experience, recognizes more devices properly (This may have changed, but I did choose this road some time ago).
You can then connect openHAB to your devices using the mqtt binding.

But first try out the zigbee binding, this reduces complexity for you.

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