Tuya System Alarm WiFi + radio + GSM

Hello forum
What about binding to OpenHab something like this:

Full tittle from Ali
Tuya 433MHz WiFi 3G&4G Home Burglar&Security Alarm System APP Remote Control Wireless Alarm Host Kit With IP Camera Baby Monitor
Any idea?

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You might be able to communicate with this device using MQTT (search for “Tuya MQTT”), but you’re not likely to see a dedicated binding for it unless you build one yourself.

Personally, I would have concerns about installing a security system like this, both due to privacy and it’s actual effectiveness. If you’re really serious about security, it’s best to get a professional security system…not something off of AliExpress.

If you just want cameras, door sensors and motion sensors, then I’d suggest looking at the Zigbee-based Xiaomi devices, which are inexpensive and can be controlled with openHAB so that they don’t have direct access to the Internet. You could also go with Z-Wave devices if those are available in your area.

Thank you 4 your answer.