Tuya thermostat and OpenHab 3.3

Does anyone have implement tuya thermostat with openhab 3?
I read about mqtt solutions and binding as well, whats the best way to make it work?

Can you share a link of the product??

So here is the thermostat, i bought it from China I guess.

Can’t you share the link to it? There’s tons of different ones in aliexpress, some are zigbee, some are Wi-Fi, and I can’t seem to find exactly the one you shared there.
If it’s zigbee you can just hook it up directly through zigbee2mqtt:

If it’s Wi-Fi, you can use the tuya binding. It’s not oficial but it works quite well. You’ll have to look in the forum for the instructions to install it, but it isn’t that hard.

Hi Pedro,
Thank you for your interest,
Here is a link of the device,


It’s a Wi-Fi thermostat.

Yep it’s Wi-Fi. Try the binding then. There’s also something called tuya2mqtt I believe but I never tried that.

Is there a binding? Didn’t know… can you provide a link?
Thanks a lot

here you go:

That’s worked just fine.

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