Tuya water meter and smart valve zigbee

Ultrasonic zigbee water meter and valve for 60$. sounds too good to be true…

would this work with any of the existing tuya bindings?

If it is a COMPLIANT Zigbee device, it should work.

I have some Xiaomi Zigbee devices which I bought because they were cheap and seemed to be of good enough quality. As MANY have noted here, they are neither Zigbee certified nor 100% compliant. Some KINDA work, none work with all of the advertised capabilities. They are touted as long lasting battery energy efficient units. They achieve that by NOT being 100% Zigbee specification compliant in regards to the communication protocol spec. My Xiaomi devices are almost always reported by OH as being offline even if the door sensor does report door open and close events.

I continue to use the OH Zigbee binding as I appreciate the design approach of the architect @chris of being compliant first and formost.

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