Tuya WIFI Battery Door/Window Sensor no binding...(no esp chip)

Hello, i’m running openhab 3.4.1 and no binding for Tuya devices… i know.
Is it valid the workaround to connect it in mqtt with a mosquito running on the same debianbox of openhab?
I’ve found Tuya MQTT Standard Protocol-Tuya IoT Development Platform-Tuya Developer but i’m not a programmer… :frowning: Someone can explain how to interface it? i just need to know when sensor is open and closed… no worries for battery level and other

Thanks for Help !

Try the SmartHomeJ Tuya binding.

You need to first add SmartHomeJ as a JSON 3rd Party Addon Service in your Main UI settings. Then it’ll show up as a separate repository in your bindings, and you can add the Tuya binding. Follow the instructions in the first link to set up a Tuya developer account so that you can access your device.

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Thanks just miss last step. I’ve Thing online (when i open and close the door sensor, because it’s a battery sensor, so goes offline when don’t need connection)

Infact when i open it i find in events :
2023-03-13 14:29:08.412 [INFO ] [ab.event.ThingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - Thing ‘tuya:tuyaDevice:bf80e67ea411d7543eupol’ changed from OFFLINE to ONLINE

and NO MORE…

AUTOMATICALLY CREATED ITEM works perfect… just put in sitemaps.
Last thing : i’ve seen that there is a Number item for battery percentage…defined as :

Garage OH
tuya:tuyaDevice:bf80e67ea411d7543eupol:battery_percentage (Number)

But no value come , always NULL…


I don’t know what you mean. The thing comes online and then what? You don’t get an update to the item or you do?

For battery percentage, I suggest looking in the Tuya Developer Portal to see if it’s updated there. If not, then the device isn’t passing it on.

The problem now is only the battery percentage… I will check on tuya portal…

I just installed a water sensor that goes offline when in standby, and the battery percentage reports without issue. Did you get your sensor working?

Yes it is normal that goes offline in standby. Sensor working but no battery percentage shown. In smartlife app battery percentage 100%