Tuya zigbee devices added via Tuya binding IP address

I’m starting this as a bit of a generic question, not sure if there’s a method to get this working properly that I’ve missed or if this is a bug/issue.

I had some Feconn Zigbee lamps, this led me to openHAB so after some faff (buying an ember coordinator as the current WiFi/BLE/Zigbee gateways don’t work with openHAB) I got the Zigbee devices added directly to openHAB. These same devices added via the Smarthome/J Tuya binding showed channels for colours/scenes/modes etc. Adding them directly I only get colour, which when added to a room goes a bit mental and just randomly changes the colour until it is removed from a room. Moot point anyway as most channels are missing so not a lot I can do with it.

Following this I added all the lamps and Zigbee devices back through Tuya but now when they are discovered they ask for an IP address. Using the IP address of the gateway seems to work but seems that only the first 2 or 3 devices can connect. The rest of the devices show as offline with a brief flash to online every few seconds.

So before I start wading through pages and pages of settings and configs is anything of this known to work or is there a known issue with/is anyone else having issues with Tuya binding and Zigbee devices?

Bear in mind also, related to a couple of topics I’ve read about new users and marketing, that all these devices work fine in the Tuya Smart Life app (along with the Zigbee scene switches, switch/relay modules and thermostat etc) and does 95% of what I want. This is what openHAB is up against, I’ve spent days on openHAB and got effectively nowhere, versus a couple of hours with Tuya/Alexa and barring a couple of integrations/options regarding geofencing it “just works”.

One way of integrating your Feconn bulbs without using a separate gateway might be to use Zigbee2MQTT and the MQTT binding.

What to check:
Is your bulb supported by Zigbee2MQTT (https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/supported-devices/#v=Feconn)?
Is your Zigbee coordinated supported by Zigbee2MQTT (https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/guide/adapters/)?

The openHAB Zigbee binding aims at supporting certified Zigbee devices (https://csa-iot.org/csa-iot_products/), but many Tuya devices aren’t certified by the csa (Certified Products Search | IOT - CSA-IOT).

Sure, using Zigbee2MQTT adds complexity, but you get support for many ‘Zigbee’ devices in return.

I’d just been looking at that, which as you say adds more complexity. Something to come back to when I have some spare time (several days at least). Seems a lot more to it than just using the an equivalent binding (although the Zigbee docs could do with some work as they’re obviously written by/for someone who already knows how to add the USB device etc).

The lamps aren’t specifically Tuya compatible or weren’t specifically Tuya lamps, they were just lamps that I had that I turned on and added in Tuya, as are most of the smart devices I have. They just work in Tuya, I don’t want hundreds of different manufacturers apps cluttering up my phone so just by default try in Tuya first.

Seems pretty much every device I have needs lots of manual adding and workarounds to get working in openHAB. Bit annoying!