Tv recording

I’m not sure us OH can help with this or not, what I would like to do is have a device ( possible running kodi) that can record live t.v. and store it along with back ups from all of my DVDs, and then a device with each tv in the house so that I could then steam the programs to the tv’s. Does anyone have any ideas on how to so this?

don´t know, if kodi can play and record live tv.

I use an enigma2 sat-receiver (like VU, XTrend, Dreambox) which does record the tv program to my nas.

And on my other tv i can use another sat-reciever with enigma2 or an amazon fire tv stick or kodi (or fire tv stick with kodi on it) to watch the films.

There is also an app in amazon app store to watch live tv from an enigma2 receiver directly on a fire tv (stick). I have installed this at my uncles house, so he could watch pay tv in all rooms without the need of cardsharing or other complicated (and illegal) things.

Yes Kodi can do that for you. You need a TV card/stick or an external sat receiver, Kodi comes with a plugin to control Enigma2 boxes.
I got an Odroid C2 for that (it can even do 4K) and deployed the LibreELEC image.

But all of this is unrelated to OpenHAB…

Kodi is a front-end and cannot record TV directly.
But it can connect to different back-ends (tv servers) wich can do that.

One can be an enigma device like @mstormi mentioned.

Or you can create you own tv server with tvheadend. (I did that)

Bit this has nothing to do with openhab. :slight_smile:

I can also recommend TVHeadend as TV Backend (often called PVR). It accepts every TV grabber card/stick that works on linux.

My Stack for this is the following:

  • Linux Server with TVHeadend (inside a Docker Container so I don’t have to do the setup on my own)
  • HDHomerun Cable LAN Tuner (“converts” the cable signal into normal network traffic) connected to LAN and to my TV Cable coming out of the wall.
  • multiple Windows, Android and Linux devices running Kodi with the TVHeadend Addon

Every device can watch TV over LAN or WiFi. My HDHomerun has 2 Tuners so I can watch 2 channels, or record one and watch one, or even record 2 and watch those. Multiple devices can watch the same channel and this only consumes one tuner, so you could watch the same channel in the whole house.

It works great, is supported everywhere (you can even tune in from remote and watch over VPN).

TVHeadend has an API so you can search the EPG, start, stop and schedule recordings from openHAB or any other network/internet device without the need to have a Kodi client running.

It looks more complicated than it is. Everything is made easy with interactive assistants in the Web Interface, once you installed it.

Just to throw in a few more recommendations, none of which I’ve actually used recently mind you so I can’t really recommend them directly:

Server side:

  • MythTV, search the forum and you will see some postings on how to work with its API from openHAB
  • Plex Media Server, now supports live TV streaming and recording in addition to serving your existing media and there is a Plex Binding available

Client Side:

  • Kodis running on your own hardware
  • Rokus (there is a recent posting with some rules and code to fully interact with the Roku API from OH)
  • Amazon Fire

I personally do use Plex Media Server with Rokus but don’t mess with live TV so have no experience with DVR.

Next question is, do you want to watch paytv or streaming tv like netflix or amazon prime too? I think, this will not work with all of this solutions.

Thank you for your help, the enigma2 looks to be the sort of think I was looking for, with that I could save the tv to a NAS and then stream it to each tv with a fire stick or a raspberry pi running kodi ECT. i will do some more research into the enigma2. Thanks

I’m using a quad tuner in my PC running NEXTPVR that Kodi connects to that allows you to watch and record live tv